Book Illustration Projects, 2019

All illustration book projects below ranged in illustration counts of 8 up to 29. All were completed in ink and watercolor in 2019. If you would like to see more previous titles, please let me know. I average 11 books per year.  

  • What If My Puppy by Katelyn Copenhaver January, 2019
  • Isabelle & Evie Save Nola by Patrice Domino April, 2019
  • It’s Great to Be LOVED! By Weske & Co. May, 2019
  • Nohla Granola by Brittany McCloskey June, 2019
  • Bad Dog Darla By Lauren Brickey June, 2019
  • The Adventures of Alexander Elliot by Kathryn Sherry July, 2019
  • I Like to Run! By T.J. Cartwright July, 2019
  • I Like to Jump! By T.J. Cartwright August, 2019
  • The Adventures of Ava and Addison- The Talent Show Book 3 by Ellen Pfaff September, 2019
  • I Define Me by Kyler Eric Smith September, 2019
  • Emily and the Christmas Tree Farmer by Kathleen Albrecht October, 2019
  • Wonderfully Made by Kelly Cody November, 2019
  • Minnie’s Magical Mistletoe By Gary Hillerich December, 2019